Justin Bennett Discografia

Dish-is-NeinDish Is Nein (Disciplinatha) - Dish Is Nein
Contempo (2018)
Crediti: Drums

21730862_1469822569791751_3992065292132042795_nCadori - Non puoi prendertela con la notte
Labellascheggia (2017)
Crediti: Post Production, Mixing, Mastering

Die So Fluid - One Bullet From ParadiseDie So Fluid - One More Bullet From Paradise
Strataville (2017)
Crediti: Drums, Mixing

miro sassoliniMiro Sassolini - Del mare la distanza
Contempo Records (2017)
Crediti: Drums

Benzina - CadoriCadori - Benzina
Labellascheggia Dischi (2017)
Crediti: Mixing, Mastering

Under The Covers - Lydia LunchLydia Lunch & Cypress Grove - Under The Covers
Rustblade (2017)
Crediti: Mastering

kv-cover-smallkETvECTOR - Fig. 23
Rustblade (2017)
Crediti: Drums, Production, Composing, Mixing, Mastering

Volume1-Askew-v2-alt6Askew - Volume One
Rustblade (2017)
Crediti: Production, Composition, Sound Design, Mixing

avesomTorakiki - Awesome
Simbiotic Cube (2016)
Crediti: Mixing

The Age of DiscordBahntier - Age of Discord
Rustblade (2015)
Crediti: Drum, production, mixing & mastering

Still UnfoundStill Unfound - Still Unfound
Independent (2015)
Crediti: mixing and mastering on track 4

Demons Soundtrack RemixedVarious Artists - Demons, The Soundtrack Remixed
Rustblade (2015)
Crediti: Mastering

The Shock ExchangeLegendary Pink Dots & kETvECTOR - The Shock Exchange
Rustblade (2015)
Crediti: Production, composing, mixing, mastering

Level - Merzbow : AskewAskew / Merzbow - LeveL
Rustblade (2015)
Crediti: Production, Sound Design

modern-focaModern Foca - Prive’
Irma Records (2014)
Crediti: Mastering (except tracks 1 & 5)

Spooky TricksMy Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Spooky Tricks
Sleazebox (2014)
Crediti: Drums

ltd-steps (1)Let Her Dive - Steps EP
Independent (2014)
Crediti: Mastering

katastrophe klownGroovie Mann Presents - Katastrophe Klown
Sleazebox (2013)
Crediti: Production, Composing, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Mixing, Mastering

Reverendo PEXReverendo PEX - Viaggio Infinito
Independent (2013)
Crediti: Mixing, Mastering

The Lingams and YoniThe Lingams and Yoni - Power… Lies… War…
Rustblade (2013)
Crediti: Production, Composing, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards

Olympus MonsSergio Wow - Olympus Mons
FU.NCH (2013)
Crediti: Mastering

Bootlegged, Broke and In Solvent SeasSkinny Puppy - Bootlegged, Broke and In Solvent Seas
Metropolis (2012)
Crediti: Drums, Electronics

Da Monkey Club - DgtlmonkeyDgtlmonkey - Da Monkey Club
FU-NCH / Rustblade (2012)
Crediti: Mastering

EatersRisotri / Boni - Eaters (Feature Length Film)
Extreme Video / Event Films (2011)
Crediti: Soundtrack Composition & Production, Sound Design, Stereo & 5.1 Surround audio mix

Shut The Ninja Up - Ryko The DrummakerRyko The Drummaker - Shut The Ninja Up
FU-NCH (2011)
Crediti: Mastering

Eater SpadabeemEater - Spadabeem!
FU-NCH (2010)
Crediti: Mastering

No Fun City (Film)Melissa James - No Fun City (Documentary Film)
Believe Media (2010)
Crediti: Drumming, Electronics

100thcoverChrysalide - 100th Live
Audiotrauma (2010)
Crediti: Drums on "Another Brick in the Wall", "Black Bloc", and "Burning Inside"

Death By Arsenic - Arsenic CherryArsenic Cherry - Death By Arsenic
FU-NCH (2010)
Crediti: Mixing & Mastering

Land of Dirty Beats and Bananas - DgtlmonkeyDgtlmonkey - The Land of Dirty Beats and Bananas
FU-NCH (2010)
Crediti: Mastering

Songs For A ChildVarious Artists - Songs For A Child: A Tribute To Pier Paolo Pasolini
Rustblade (2009)
Crediti: Mastering

Death ThreatMy Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Death Threat
Rustblade / Sleazebox (2009)
Crediti: Drumming

Lunacy BoxLunacy Box - Lunacy Box
New Model Label (2009)
Crediti: Drums on "Hey Man, Nice Shot"

DNA MutationsSandblasting - DNA Mutations
Rustblade (2008)
Crediti: Remix track "Rage - kETvECTOR Mix", Mastering on disc 2

AMPAmerican Memory Project - Limited Edition Preview DVD
Independent (2008)
Crediti: Production, Composition, Drums

VenalBahntier - Venal
Rustblade (2008)
Crediti: Drums, Production, Composition

Roots EPBahntier - Roots EP
Rustblade (2008)
Crediti: Production, Composition, Drums

The Infinite RegresskETvECTOR - The Infinite Regress
Rustblade (2008)
Crediti: Production, Composition, Drums

Blood Dope Sin GoldMy Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Blood Dope Sin Gold
Sleazebox (2007)
Crediti: Remix track, "Sorella Diavolo"

AdrenalineSandblasting - Adrenaline
Rustblade (2007)
Crediti: Production, mixing

BlindoomBahntier - Blindoom
Rustblade (2007)
Crediti: Drums, Production, Composition

Schlagstrom 1Various Artists - Schlagstrom Krrrbrrrtztzkrrr 01
Rustblade (2006)
Crediti: Production, Composition, Sound Design

SP TGWOTRSkinny Puppy - The Greater Wrong of the Right Live DVD
SPV (2005)
Crediti: Live Drums & Electronics

Twitter Buzz HowlChris Velan - Twitter, Buzz, Howl
Universal (2005)
Crediti: Drums

De ProfundisProfessional Murder Music - De Profundis
Wormhole Records (2004)
Crediti: Drums on "High and Dry" and "Moonage Daydream"

TIO 2The Implicate Order - Volume Two: Actualized
Independent (2004)
Crediti: Production, Composition, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering

PigfacePigface - Untied One Tour Live DVD
Invisible Records (2003)
Crediti: Drums on "Suck"

Looking ThroughProfessional Murder Music - Looking Through
Underground Inc / Wormhole Records (2003)
Crediti: Drums, Programming

Ginger SnapsVarious Artists - Ginger Snaps Motion Picture Soundtrack
Roadrunner (2003)
Crediti: Drums on "A Night Like This"

Volume One: EnfoldedThe Implicate Order - Volume One: Enfolded
Independent (2002)
Crediti: Production, Composition, Sound Design, Mixing, Mastering

ValentineVarious Artists - Valentine Motion Picture Soundtrack
Interscope (2002)
Crediti: Drums on "Fall Again"

Ghost of Each RoomCevin Key - The Ghost of Each Room
Metropolis (2001)
Crediti: Guitar on "Bob's Shadow"

PMMProfessional Murder Music - Professional Murder Music
Geffen / Interscope (2001)
Crediti: Drums, Programming

The WhipVarious Artists - The Whip (2001 Edition)
Cleopatra (2001)
Crediti: Drums on "Jackal"

End of DaysVarious Artists - End of Days Motion Picture Soundtrack
Geffen (2000)
Crediti: Drums on "Slow"

The Carnival WithinVarious Artists - The Carnival Within: A Tribute to Dead Can Dance
Cleopatra (1997)
Crediti: Electronics, Percussion on "Yulunga Spirit Dance"

FaceFace - A Picture of End
Tone Casualties (1997)
Crediti: Electronics, Programming, Percussion

Industrial Post MortemVarious Artists - Industrial Post Mortem: China
Tone Casualties (1996)
Crediti: Electronics, Programming on "Nevi-Nevi"

Triple XXX / Hollows Hill (1996)
Crediti: Drums, Percussion