Industrial [r]Evolution (Book)

The italian book Industrial [r]Evolution by Giovanni Rossi will be published by Tsunami Press on May 1st 2011. An interview with Justin appears in the “Voices From The Underground” section of the book as well as various mentions in the Skinny Puppy, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult and Bahntier sections of the book. From Tsunami’s promo blurb:

“Industrial [r]Evolution tells the story of one of the more extreme, underground, and unclassifiable music genres on the international music scene, with thousands of artists and groups, a thick undergrowth of subgenres, and hundreds of fanzines and specialty record labels…

…Written thanks to the direct contribution of the main characters of this scene, the book was realized on the basis of more than two hundred interviews ranging from the first wave of pioneers all the way to those who are currently carrying on the torch.”

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